Pony Trail Farm

Dzimianski's Dairy Goats and 
Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs

SGCH Dzimianski's DLF Ariel  AS1549072       LA:91EEEE

Ariel finished her championship as a 3 year old, and Linear appraised at 91 EEEE. Born in March of 2011, she continues to be a strong doe and steady producer. 


Sparkle is our youngest doe out of Dzimianski's WM Pixie Dust, freshening for the first time in 2018 as a two-year-old.  She is a good, consistent producer with a sweet disposition.  Sparkle shows a particularly high rear udder combined with a smooth, extended foreudder.  Udder is not completely full in this picture, due to kids helping themselves to an early breakfast.

Alana freshened as a yearling in 2017, and is a strong producer and an elegant doe, whose General Appearance captures the immediate attention of all who see her.  This is complimented by her very correct mammary system with excellent udder support.     

 Udder is not completely full in this picture, due to kids helping themselves to an early breakfast.

Veronica, born 03/05/2019, freshened for the first time as a two-year-old.  She excels in strength and production, as well as a pleasing conformation. 

Anastasia, born 02/02/2020, is a polled doe who freshened as a yearling.  She shares the elegance of her dam, and promises to be an excellent producer.

"Indy" is a polled buck who brings width and strength of feet and legs to the herd, in addition to MILK.  From first freshening, his daughters have excelled in milk production. 

Kid Pricing

Our pricing structure for kids is as follows:

Doe kids from SGCH dams that appraise 91 or higher will be listed at $1000.  Buck kids are $500.
Doe kids from SGCH dams that appraise 90 or lower list at $750, with bucklings at $400.
Doe kids with dams that have SG or GCH designations are $500, with bucklings at $350.
Doe kids from first fresheners, or dams that are not yet SG are listed at $400 - $500, (depending on pedigree) with bucklings at $250-$300.
Milkers that are not yet SG or GCH and appraised less than 88 are $400, and yearlings with appraisal scores of 88-89 are $500 without SG status, and $750 if they have already acquired SG or GCH titles.

Polled kids, does, or bucks will generally be listed at $100-$200 more than other animals in the herd.

Prices are ALWAYS negotiable, depending on what animals we have in stock, and we give discounts for multiple purchases.  Fertility is guaranteed first breeding season after purchase, or you may exchange for new animal of equal quality when available.  We may offer specials according to what kind of kid crop we have!